Welcome to the F-Zero Fanon Wiki. Our goals are to hope you enjoy the thrill of making F-Zero pilots/games/machines/courses. Although this does SOUND fun. I have rules.

  1. Do not spam. Sometimes it can be very hard to clean it up.
  2. This is F-ZERO FANON wiki. I do not expect Zelda, Mario, or Simpsons fanon on here.
  3. Do NOT curse (cuss, or whatever else there is). There could be very young children on here.
  4. No personal attacks. Do not call so-and-so an "idiot, retard, etc., etc.
  5. No sockpuppeting. Sockpuppets are very annoying to put up with. If a bureaucrat/sysop finds out that you sockpuppeted, we will ban you for weeks/months.
  6. Do not get into edit wars. If you do not agree with something, discuss on the talk page.
  7. And finally, NO FLAMING. The users are probably trying the best they can on his/her project. Do not say "it sux i roxxorz lololololol". Warning will be issued.

Now get out there and start contributing!

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